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A place on the right course.
Impartial advice and information.
Expert induction and teaching.
Regular tutorials to review your progress.
High quality learning resource
Helpful staff.
A supportive and secured campus environment.
A response to your complaints and suggestions.
A firm action on any harassment or irrational behaviour


Now that you wish to become a member of the Interlink family, it is important for you to know that;
Regular attendance at lectures, practical and other academic assignments is compulsory if you arc to graduate from this institution. A student may be asked to withdraw from the institution if his / her attendance record'1 fall below the minimum standards set by the institution.

At Prime Polytechnic, we attach great importance to decency in dressing, thought and behaviour. Fabrics that are transparent or dresses that expose parts of the body arc banned on campus. Similarly, students are not allowed to use heavy and lousy jewellery or electronic gadgets that cause distraction while on the campus- The use of beads, wearing of trousers by women, earrings by men or braiding, weaving of the hair by male students is banned.

Alcohol consumption, drug addiction, smoking, pornographic materials, fighting and other disorderly behaviours attract heavy penalties which may lead to the dismissal of the culprit.
Students will obey all rules and regulations including directives from principal officers of the institution and designated officers.

Students are barred from staging demonstrations particularly violent ones. There are appropriate channels open to students to dialogue with the institution's authorities on matters, which they feel strongly about. The authorities believe in peaceful resolution of any dispute according to biblical injunction.

The discipline of the students of Prime Polytechnic is conferred on the Rector and the Polytechnic Council.


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